4 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stress

Speaking of pressures at work, you might blame your boss for being abusive, haunting deadlines, or working hours that are too long.

Pressure is often regarded as the culprit that causes stress in work. In fact, the actual stress does not come from the pressure that occurs in the office.

The way and attitude in dealing with stress is what causes stress. Pressure can turn into stress if someone overly thinks about problems and past stresses.

Stress can also arise if you think too much about things that haven’t happened. Lots of problems that arise due to stress, such as fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and headaches.

Prolonged stress can have serious consequences, such as psychiatric problems. Here are four surefire tips for dealing with stress at work summarized from the Harvard Business Review.

The first thing to do is wake up from daydreams. For example by doing light physical activity. Like clapping, standing tall, and moving the body.

Perform various activities that can make you feel the sensations of your five senses. Stress makes you unable to focus on problems before your eyes.

Then, the next step is to return your attention to the problems that can be controlled. Begin by writing and sorting out the problems experienced.

Then, put your energy into the problem that will have the biggest impact when it’s resolved. Exaggerating the problem is one of the factors causing stress.

Therefore, you need to look at the problem objectively for the good of yourself and the team. Ask yourself the following three things: “How are conditions now compared to the past?” “What is worse than the present conditions that might occur?” And, “what opportunities have I not exploited?” problem with more objective.

The last step is to try sincerely. Even though it’s hard, there are three things you can do to help you sincerely. First, like it or not, you have to accept reality.

Secondly, you can take lessons and lessons from the problems experienced. Finally, do something to solve it. If you are able to manage stress well, any heavy pressure you will be able to deal with without problems.

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