4 Chitetsu Watanabe’s Longevity Recipe, 112 Years Old. He said: Keep Smile!

Last Wednesday, the Guinness World Record gave certificates to the world’s oldest man, Chitetsu Watanabe. This Japanese man will be 113 years old on March 5, launch CNN. Well, because of age that exceeds the average age limit of a person, many parties are then curious and want to know the secret. This then made many media try to find out and contact Watanabe.

For those of you who also want to know the secrets of Watanabe’s longevity, see the following reviews from Hipwee Tips! Maybe later you can imitate so you can live long and stay young too.

1. Stay active even though you have retired and are no longer young

For Watanabe, activity is one part of rehabilitation. Routine activities that do not have to work really, like Watanabe, he used to fill time by playing origami, calligraphy, and numeracy exercises. No need to work out, light activities like reading a book or filling in crosswords can also improve mood and brain performance. If done routinely, this can reduce the risk of dementia and make you stay young.

2. Watanabe likes sweet foods, especially brown sugar

He admitted, Watanabe likes to eat sweet foods, especially brown sugar. Maybe because he used to work in a sugar factory. But, not too much to consume, Watanabe still keep portions. In contrast to ordinary white sugar, molasses contained in brown sugar provide additional nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and iron, as reported by Alodokter.

3. Do a hobby that can make you happy and happy continuously

If Watanabe likes gardening by growing lots of vegetables and fruit, you can do other activities that are no less fun. Do not have to exercise or physical exercise, the important thing is to keep moving so that the body is not easily tired or decreased muscle mass. Moreover, by doing hobbies, we are not so easily stressed which certainly has a big influence on the body.

4. The main key of Watanabe; not easily angry and keep smiling

Watanabe’s son-in-law, who had lived with him for 50 years, said that he was never angry at all. Watanabe is also familiar with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For him, playing with them can actually make him smile a lot.

Dr. Factora on the Cleveland Clinic website also mentions, that grandparents who often play with their grandchildren have a lower risk of death for 20 years. According to him, the hormone obtained by playing with grandchildren is equivalent to doing moderate physical activity.

Well, for those of you who are also getting older, you might be able to apply the methods that Watanabe uses to make life longer. No need to be complicated, the methods are quite easy to do. Most importantly, try to manage stress early on if you want to stay young, yes!

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