10 Unique Facts About Fireflies, Insects That Are More Extinct Because of Human-Made Lights

Do you realize that nowadays fireflies are increasingly rare? When we were little, maybe in almost every corner of the road near the rice fields or trees there were fireflies flying. The brightest lights always fail to focus. The fireflies will illuminate the places they pass, making the night not feel dark anymore.

But now its existence is increasingly rare. Fireflies also enter the rows of animals that are increasingly extinct. One factor is due to light pollution from street lights, neon boxes, or billboards along the highway. This animal may often be overlooked because it does not bring immediate benefits to humans. But come to think of the attraction of bright light from the body of these fireflies can attract tourists to come you. The existence of fireflies also helps balance the ecosystem. Well, for a little cure our longing for this endangered animal, let’s talk about interesting facts about it!

1. There are at least 2,000 species of fireflies scattered throughout the world, and not all of them can produce bright light. Fireflies in the United States, for example, are more difficult to “shine” than others

2. Light produced by fireflies comes from chemical reactions in the body. The combination of a number of cells and enzymes that create molecules and release their energy in the form of photons of light

3. Fireflies can not only produce yellow light, but also orange to green

4. This animal uses its light to attract the opposite sex. Male fireflies will blink the light to tempt the female

5. As quoted from Mentalfloss, each species has its own flickering pattern and each light flicker has a meaning! Later the female will answer using the “code” light flickering which if it means “accepted” yes they will mate ~

6. It turns out that even though it’s still a larva, fireflies can emit light! So the larvae of these animals will light up underground. It’s funny ~

7. Light from firefly larvae is useful for telling predators that they are not good for eating

8. Not like larvae in general, firefly larvae are carnivorous. They live by eating snails

9. When they grow up they are still carnivores, but it’s no longer the target snail but their own flock! Yes they are cannibals, Guys!

10. Beyond that, the light emitted by fireflies is considered the most efficient light in the world. Nearly 100% of the chemical reaction processes that occur in the body are used to produce lights

God’s power is second to none. Animals as small as a firefly turned out to have its own benefits for human life. Maybe the existence of fireflies can still be seen in some places, such as the countryside that is still beautiful, or the forests and near swamps far from settlements. Hopefully scientists can still save fireflies by breeding them!

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