Minimalist Sofa Bed to Perfect Your Minimalist Living Room

Living room is an important spot in a house.

Considering its function to receive guests, it is necessary to choose the best furniture that will represent your entire house for unforgettable first impression.

In a condition you have small space issue, it will be wise to employ multipurpose furniture to save space.

Minimalist sofa bed is recommended furniture with dual functions of being sofa and bed at the same time.

Why would you need to consider sofa bed?

Living room with small space cannot accommodate many furniture pieces, thus choosing multipurpose furniture is the right choice.

Sofa bed combines the function of both furniture, allowing you to use it as a sofa and transform into bed if needed.

Through this way, you can save much space especially if your guest plans to sleepover.

Recommended Minimalist Sofa Bed

1. Aurora grey fabric contemporary

modern minimalist sofa bed

This sofa bed with minimalist contemporary design is a versatile choice to meet your need.

Coming in grey color scheme, the furniture piece can be easily brought into living room with any concept including modern, minimalist, or contemporary.

The sofa consists of two sections which can be reclined to transform into a cozy bed.

2. Rathbone 3 seater sofa bed

minimalist furniture bedroom

Another minimalist sofa and bed that can be a great choice for your living room is Rathbone 3 seater sofa bed.

This furniture piece comes in subtle grey color and puffy material that makes it a convenient seating and bed at the same time.

The furniture is a versatile alternative for ‘kursi’ for living room with any concept.

3. Fler vintage sofa bed

minimalist sofa beds

Do you employ monochrome nuance in the living room?

This Fler vintage sofa bed is recommended for you as it combines black and white color scheme.

Coming with two tiers, the furniture piece provides convenience for any of you who want to sit or sleep on the same place.

Thanks to sturdy material so that you can use the furniture worry-free.

4. Small sofa bed in gray

Having small living room means you have to be smart in choosing furniture.

If you need to a multipurpose furniture piece with small size, this following option is great to go.

The minimalist sofa bed is going to be a solution as it comes in form of small sofa that can be retracted into a bed.

The sofa can be expanded and folded whenever needed.

5. IKEA pull out sofa bed

Another choice comes from IKEA that provides pull out sofa bed to accommodate your small living room.

This versatile furniture serves as beautiful sofa, but it can transform into cozy bed only by pulling out the second layer.

Coming in modern color, the sofa bed can blend perfectly with your minimalist living room.

No need to worry about your small living room. Now you can have functional furniture piece with multipurpose.

Sofa bed with minimalist design will be a great option to complement your minimalist room.

To figure out more information about sofa bed in minimalist design, you may visit the website of

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