7 Facts on Art Therapy, a Form of Fun and Interesting Psychological Therapy

Therapy is not always related to serious things. Various methods were developed so that therapy would not be monotonous and boring. One of them is art therapy, which is widely used in the field of psychological counseling.

Want to know unique trivia around art therapy? How effective is this method? Check out the explanation below!

1. What is art therapy?

Before you go further, first know what art therapy is. The Psychology Today page says that art therapy is a therapy that involves the use of creative techniques, such as drawing, painting, making collages, coloring and sculpting.

This is to help people express themselves and examine the psychological condition through the artwork they make. The therapist will later decode, symbol, metaphor and nonverbal messages contained in the artwork. Art therapy allegedly made therapy patients better understand their deepest feelings and emotions.

2. When is art therapy applied?

Expressing hidden emotions is very difficult. Therefore art therapy was created.
Art therapy helps children, youth and adults explore their emotions. Not only that, art therapy is also useful to relieve stress, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression to increase self-esteem, said the page Psychology Today.

3. How does art therapy work?

This therapy can be done individually, in pairs or in groups. Art therapy can be done in personal counseling, hospitals, health centers and so on. There is no good or bad in art therapy because the most important thing is to find the relationship between the artwork created with the psychological condition of the client.

Artwork can be used as a springboard to revive memories and tell stories that can reveal the messages and thoughts of the human subconscious, said the page Psychology Today.

4. How do therapists judge our artwork?

The first session is done by chatting between the client and the therapist. Then, we can choose what kind of artwork we make. Once we start making, the therapist will observe the process when we are making a work, without making a judgment first.

After completing the artwork, the therapist starts asking questions about us about the manufacturing process, whether there are difficulties or obstacles. Then, the therapist will ask our feelings when making the work. Of course, our work will be assessed separately.

Art therapy believes that colors, textures, shapes and scratches in artwork have meaning that can express our deepest thoughts and emotions.

5. What are the benefits of art therapy?

Who would have thought that there were a myriad of benefits from art therapy? According to Mind’s website, there are at least four benefits, namely giving a safe time and place with someone who will not judge and help understand themselves better.

In addition, art therapy also helps resolve complex feelings and helps communicate and express themselves including feelings or experiences that are difficult for us to express.

6. Helps relieve mental health problems

Not only digging deepest emotions, art therapy is alleged to be a solution to mental health problems. This is because we can express feelings, difficult experiences even trauma, without us needing to talk about it directly. Because for some people, talking about traumatic experiences can make old wounds open again.

7. Is there art therapy in Indonesia?

Don’t worry, there are also services around art therapy in Indonesia! Let’s get acquainted with the Indonesia Art Therapy Project (IATP) initiated by Yohanita Lestari.

Initiated since 2016, IATP not only organizes art therapy, but also opens discussions, workshops, studies and cooperation in developing art therapy methods, especially in the field of psychology. Go to the Indonesia Art Therapy Project page for more information!

Well, that’s unique trivia around art therapy. Interested in trying?

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