7 Changes in Electric Bicycles From the Beginning, Unique to Make You Have to Have!

Penat with air pollution from motor vehicle fumes? Want to have a vehicle that is fast and environmentally friendly? Electric bike can be the answer! Yes, nowadays electric bicycles are starting to be found in big cities. Moreover, electric bicycle rentals are increasingly mushrooming now.

But, do you know how the development of electric bicycles from year to year? Curious about how it changes? Check this out!

1. Ogden Bolton Jr. electric bicycle prototype (1895)

The idea of making an electric bicycle occurred in the late 19th century. In 1895, a prototype of a battery-powered electric bicycle made by Ogden Bolton Jr. was patented. The motorbike of an electric bicycle is able to draw up to 100 amperes (A) of a 10 volt battery.

2 years later, in 1897 Hosea W. Libbey of Boston discovered an electric bicycle driven by a dual electric motorbike, said the Bicycle History page. Apparently, the idea of making electric bicycles had been thought of more than a century ago, huh!

2. Hercules electra (1989)

The German-based bicycle company, Hercules, introduced in 1989 an electric bicycle product called Electra. This bike is superior because it can change from a gasoline-powered engine to an electric motor at the same time, said the Electric Bike page. Electra which is powered by a 24 volt engine is selling well in Europe because the model is relatively modern and simple.

3. Enacle, electric bicycle made by Sanyo (1989)

A well-known Japanese company, Sanyo, in 1989 released a homemade electric bicycle. The bicycle was named Enacle, which was reinforced with a NiCd battery.

This was a major advance at that time. FYI, these bicycles are now rare and auctioned at prices above 10,000 yen.

4. Zike, tiny sized electric bicycle (1992)

A century later, innovations and developments are continuously carried out. In 1992, Vector Services Limited offered and sold an electronic bike named Sinclair Zike, which was equipped with a NiCD battery set.

This one electric bicycle is superior because of its light weight. However, this product is failing because it is considered to be powerless and unstable.

5. Yamaha PAS (1993)

At the end of 1990 to early 2000, so many electric bicycles were created. Recorded, e-bike production increased by 35 percent in a decade. Not a few companies are competing, including Yamaha.

In 1993, Yamaha released an electric bicycle with a pedal assist system (PAS). Gradually, this PAS system began to be widely applied in other electric bicycle brands.

6. Bosch Nyon, electric bicycle with GPS (2014)

The sophistication of technology began to be felt in the era of 2010 and above. Precisely in 2014, Bosch released Nyon e-bike, which was reinforced with a GPS system and touch screen control. This GPS can display maps in 2D or 3D.

Nyon e-bike is also connected to a smartphone, so we can receive SMS and other notifications when driving. In addition, we can ride an electric bicycle up to 12.7 kilometers and the battery is still full!

7. Harley Citycoco (2017)

Not only sophisticated, now the form of electric bicycles is more varied and not monotonous. Examples like Harley Citycoco, with 1000 W of power and can be driven up to 50-70 kilometers!

The shape is designed like a scooter, looks vintage and modern at the same time, huh! FYI, this one electric bicycle is sold at Rp. 25 million in several digital marketplaces in Indonesia.

Well, that was the evolution of electric bikes from year to year. If you like which one?

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