Resignation Letter After Maternity Leave

In general, resignation letter is a type of letter that is handed out by an employee to resign from certain job.

There is wide range of varieties when it comes to resignation letter, one of which is resignation letter after maternity leave.

This type of letter is commonly made by female employee who is pregnant.

If you are going to send a maternity resignation letter, you should know the parts of it.

Elements of Resignation Letter After Maternity Leave

Like the other resignation letter, maternity resignation also consists of several parts.

Following the standard format will make your letter look professional and well-accepted.

While you can find many resignation letter samples or contoh surat pengunduran diri on the internet, it will be much better if you know the basic elements of resignation letter so that you can sort out the best of them.

1. Use formal introduction

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There is no reason not to be formal in your resignation letter.

Even though your employer is close to you, always remember to make it as formal as possible.

To deal with it, start your maternity resignation letter with formal introduction.

In this part, always mention your name and position and brief overview about your current condition (pregnant).

2. Mention your intention

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In some maternity resignation letters, the intention to resign from the job can be mentioned in the first paragraph, after conveying brief overview about your condition.

However, you may also write it in another paragraph. Do not forget to mention a specific date of your leaving.

3. Explain your reason

Though the reason of resignation letter after maternity leaves is quite clear, you need to explain it in your resignation letter.

If necessary, write down why you have to leave the job after maternity either due to medical condition or other personal reason.

However, no need to be specific if you think it is a personal secret.

4. Enclose attachment (if necessary)

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To convince your employer, you may also enclose medical certificate or other relevant attachment.

Especially if your condition requires you to leave the job, this attachment will support your decision.

In some cases, medical attachment makes the employers approve your resignation letter without thinking too much.

5. Formal closing

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After writing all you need to write, end your resignation letter with formal closing.

Stay polite and use gracious language.

You may also include your sad feeling of leaving the job, but this is the best decision you have to make.

This will leave good impression to them.

6. Stay short and clear

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It is necessary to make sure your letter is short and clear.

Use effective language and no need to use unnecessary words so that your intention will be clearly conveyed.

Understanding the basic elements of resignation letter allows you to make your own letter without any problem.

In case you need samples or templates of maternity resignation letter, however, internet provides you a bunch of samples that will inspire you.

Simply visit right away and you will find immense choices of maternity resignation letter.

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