Lionel Messi and His Career as the Legendary Football Player

All fans and supporters of football know Lionel Messi. He is one of the most famous football players in the world. Even, people who do not like football know him and become his fans.

Messi is known for his great dribbling skills. In most of the matches, he always shows great skills that always make all defensive players get problems. Of course, it is interesting to discuss about him.

Messi Childhood

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He was born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentine. His father is Jorge Horacio. He was a worker in steel plant, but he also became football coach for teenagers.

When talking about the important figure in Messi’s career, it is always his grandmother. She was the one who supported Messi to join football club when Messi was still a boy.

Because of the supports, Messi appreciates his grandma. He dedicated all of his goals for her. Even, he made tattoo of his grandma face on his back.

The Disease

One of the early problems faced by Messi is about the disease. He got growth hormone deficiency. Because of it, Messi could not grow normally.

The treatment for this problem was expensive and it made him get difficulties in finding club. It made some disappointments, since the treatment was also too expensive for Messi’s family.

However, his talents cannot be hidden and covered by the disease. It was Barcelona started to give attention to him and encouraged him to go to Spain for tests. Lionel Messi and his father decided to go to Catalan for the test, and Messi was accepted.

Career in Barcelona

His skills made Barcelona accepted him. Even, Barca dealt to pay the treatment. In 2000, Messi moved to Catalan. He got impressive starting. His dribbling skills and accuracy in front of the goals made him so special.

With Barcelona, Messi got a lot of achievements. He got the title as the best football player several times. In achievement with the team, Messi brought Barcelona to get many titles of La Liga, Champion League, and FIFA World Cup.

There are still many trophies as a sign of his personal and team achievements. Messi also created some records in the team and league. These all make Messi considered as successor of Maradona the legendary player of Argentine.

Career in National Team

Although Lionel Messi is one of the best players, he did not give big contributions in the national team. He has no impressive results in Argentina National Team.

Some people predicted that he could bring back the glory of Argentine, but these never happen. Even, he could not give great trophy for his team.

Messi could not bring impressive performance in the World Cup 2010. Argentina also joined America Cup in 2016 and Messi failed in penalty. In the end, Argentine was defeated by Chile.

Messi vs Ronaldo

Then, the other interesting things about Messi are rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo. Both of them are like two best football players in Spain, even in the world.

Messi plays for Barcelona, while Ronaldo played for Real Madrid. In term of team, both of the teams are also rivals. Moreover, the matches between them always become big matches called as El Classico.

Both Messi and Ronaldo have great skills. However, the rivalry ended when Ronaldo decided to move to Juventus, while Lionel Messi still plays for Barcelona.



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