Air Pollution Definition and Causes

Air Pollution – It cannot be denied that air is one of the important components that must be maintained.

This is because all living things need it.

However, getting here, of course the air is no longer as clear as it once was.

This happens because there is something called air pollution.

In fact, air that is not healthy or not good will have a bad impact on life.

In this case, getting to know more about air pollution is one of the important aspects that you need to know too.

Especially considering the bad effects that can be caused.

Besides knowing what the causes are also important so that they can be anticipated.

Whereas related to further discussion about air pollution, please refer to the following review.

The following is a complete review of air pollution.

Starting from the definition of air pollution, sources of air pollution, causes of air pollution, the impact of air pollution, examples of air pollution, how to cope with air pollution, etc.

Understanding Air Pollution


Air pollution is a term derived from two words, namely a combination of pollution and air.

Well, to get to know the meaning or understanding of this term, it is very important to know the meaning of each word first.

After that the purpose of this air pollution can only be concluded.

Talking about the meaning of the word pollution, the word refers to the meaning of mixing some substances or elements that should not be mixed and can cause bad conditions.

While air is one of the natural elements that is needed for life on earth, both humans, animals and plants.

From the definition above, it can be caught that air pollution is nothing but a situation where air mixes with other substances resulting in poor conditions.

In fact, it is caused by air pollution itself, it could be that the air is not feasible to use and could endanger the lives of the inhabitants of the earth itself.

This happens because it cannot be denied anymore if air is one of the essential components that is very core to be able to support the life of living things.

Without air, somehow life would be on earth.

And now air pollution itself is very rampant.

Lack of clean air is a problem that is very much faced.

The causes of air pollution alone are very diverse.

In this case it could be because of natural factors, or because of human actions.

However, if you talk about the majority problem, of course because of human behavior itself.

While the impact of this problem cannot be said to be trivial.

The damaged air network should be repaired as soon as possible.

This is anticipated before the word comes late.

In fact, you need to know that some countries have entered a list of hot air damage networks.

At present, in some of these countries, one of them is China, often clean air is sold in plastic bags.

Air Pollution Sources: Natural Sources


Broadly speaking, there are two sources of air pollution that can occur.

The first is a natural sumer and the second is a man-made source.

Both are actually equally difficult to overcome.

As for the further information is as follows.

Natural air pollution, of course, is above the human authority to be able to prevent it.

In this case pollution occurs naturally and there are many factors that can cause it.

Among these factors is the presence of volcanic eruptions, the emergence of toxic gases on the surface of the earth, caused by certain plants, and much more.

Air Polution Sources: Man- Made Sources


Natural sources naturally occur naturally and cannot be avoided.

However, there are also sources that are caused by human actions themselves.

In this case man-made sources are very numerous and have become habitual habits.

Therefore, this source is also getting more and more difficult to overcome here.

Talk more about natural sources of air pollution.

In this case, among others are sources of industrial activity, from motor vehicles, cigarette smoke and much more.

Akativity like this has become a habit and even life support for humans.

That’s why it’s very difficult to overcome or prevent it.

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