5 Ideas of Nutritious Food for Toddlers (the Most Highly Recommended)

A toddler needs nutritious food. However, feeding them is a bit tricky. What is the appropriate food for toddlers? In providing the right one, you need to consider several things. They include the size, nutrition, taste, and many more.

Rather than having the packed food for their daily meals, it is really recommended to make them by yourself. Here are some menus which suit the toddlers’ taste and preference.

The Fruit Muffin

The Fruit Muffin

The first food is fruit muffin. For toddlers, the size of the muffin should be smaller than the common one. Then, it is really recommended to add their favorite fruits such as blueberry and avocado to the muffin. The steps are similar to the ones for making a common muffin, but the fruits are added to the mixture.

Fruit Salad with Honey and Mint

Second, there is fruit salad as one of the food for toddlers. To make it yummier, you can add honey and mint as the dressing. You can choose any fruits. You can also put a theme to it, for example, summer fruit salad. It means that the salad uses summer fruits. Here are the steps to make the toddlers’ fruit salad.

  • Chopped the fruits into small size

Since toddlers have a tiny mouth, then you need to chop the fruit first. Then, you also need to chop the mint leaves. After that, put all the chopped fruits and mint into a small bowl.

  • Layer them with honey and lemon juice

Honey will be perfect for toddlers. Therefore, you need to put honey in the top of the fruit. Then, you can add lemon juice to give the fresh sensation to the salad.

Tofu Sticks and Peanut Sauce

The next one is tofu stick. Tofu has a texture which is perfect for toddlers. It can help them to practice chewing. In addition, it is really good to be consumed by them as a snack. It is also healthy and easy to be made.

To make tofu sticks with peanut sauce, you need to press the tofu before baking it. Then, dip the tofu in a small bowl of peanut sauce which is made of peanut butter. As the final touch, having sesame seeds will make this tofu sticks more delicious.

Mini Potato Waffle

Mini Potato Waffle

Who doesn’t like a waffle? None. Toddlers will absolutely love it. Mini potato waffle can be their snack. To make a waffle for toddlers, you need to use the right ingredients which are yummy and nutritious. For example, having sweet potatoes can make their mini waffle more interesting.

In making this food, you also need to consider the size. You should make it fit their tiny fingers. This mini potato waffle can stimulate them to chew. In addition, it also gives them nutrition needed by their body.

Mini Chicken-Carrot Meatballs

Next, there is mini meatball as one of the food for toddlers. In making this menu, carrot and chicken will be a good combination. However, you can also have spinach with leeks, chard with pear, or asparagus with broccoli as the other alternatives for the meatball.

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