4 Creative Bathroom Design Ideas (Simple and Sophisticated)

After a long day of working, we need a place to comfort our body for a while and no one can reject the temptation of soaking and bathing in the bathtub. There are many bathroom design ideas to help people out there building their own sanctuary.

Still looking for inspiration because you lack of space? Below are 5 creative small bathroom ideas you have been looking for all the time.

Lively Green Bathroom

Putting green soft wallpapers give a touch of modernity in a very relaxing way. The wallpapers are strongly recommended to have depiction of nature, like flowers, leaves, lakes, mountains, and soon.

Potted plants will emphasize a connection between the indoor and outdoor. You could put one or two indoor plants to make an illusion that your bathroom is blended with the environment outside. Make sure to keep an eye on the plants to avoid overwatering and withered.

Choosing the color also plays an important role in this design. If you nod to a traditional looking bathroom, then go for a soft olive green color. However, if a contemporary bathroom is more suitable to your style, then go for bold a green color.

Minimalist Design Bathroom

  • Choose geometric shapes for the tiles or backsplash to add more interesting point on the bathroom.
  • Use cabinetry to hide some tools and personal items to create clean and simple look.
  • Don’t use electric color that will only bring pop touch for your bathroom. Go for grey, black, white, or cream instead.
  • Add the touch of concrete or wood elements.
  • Hang paint on the wall. This tip is quiet tricky but you will be okay if you go for a modern prints in a simple frame.

Pop Culture Design

The next bathroom design ideas are the pop culture designs. There are many ways to create a cheerful looking bathroom and it is indeed effortless! See some tips below.

Live up your small bathroom with the hue from bold colors. Decorate your bathroom with colorful towels, painting shower cap, or stylish hand soap to create more personal space of your own. Hang your vibrant towel to show personality.

It is also recommended to put accessories on the cabinets or counter. The stylish soap and decorations are important to display a playful and cheerful space. Unique vases and pots can be put on top of the cabinet.

Want to do something more? Paint the bathroom mirror frame with your personal color. However, be careful and balance all the color. You may need to choose one dominant color to rule all.

Make All Space Function

Above all, the most important thing to create a comfortable bathroom is by making every space matter.
Inspect your bathroom and decide which tools that can be put on the visible space. Usually, there are combs and towels. The items remain can be saved inside the cabinet, like cotton bud and swabs.

All bathroom design ideas are designed to serve your personal preferences. Examine and look for all possible ideas on the internet to find the most suitable one for you.

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