Easy And Creative DIY Memo Board Ideas For Inspiration

Paper is one of the largest factors to clutter around your house. Messages, birthday celebration invitations, dishes, discount coupons, invoices, college art tasks, as well as business cards can actually pile up as well as make your space ideas appearance untidy if you don’t have actually a designated place for all of it.

Some things need to be submitted away or pitched, yet all of us need a place to take down notes and tack up pointers every so often. These creative methods to make a memo board are straightforward and inexpensive; some also take advantage of thrift or upcycled items you could have around your home currently.

Home Window Memo Board

Cork Memo Boards

Old windows are easy to find at flea markets and also they make ideal memo boards.Insert cork where any kind of broken panes might be, or create right on the glass with a dry-erase pen.

Blackboard Memo Board

Blackboard Memo Board

Chalkboards are fashionable and completely reason. Transform an image frame, a cabinet door, or an entire wall into an area to write tips; you could also utilize magnetic blackboard paint so you could hang invitations or greeting cards on it too.

Cork Memo Boards

Cork Memo Boards


Cork memo boards utilize to be things, but they have gone out of patterns a little bit, seeing exactly how they’ve been changed by brand-new, contemporary versions of the old made memo board. If you like to maintain stylish yet additionally have a soft area for just how things made use of to be, Curbly has excellent tutorial for a modern-looking cork memo board!

Read more about Cork Board: Cork Board For Bedroom

Roll of Paper Memo Board

Good ‘ol paper is the original as well as it still works excellent for messages and grocery store lists. However as opposed to composing notes on the backs of envelopes that just contribute to the mess on kitchen counters, mount a roll of kraft or colored paper on the back of a door or even a wall for a tidier spot to jot.

Shutter Memo Board

Shutters make outstanding memo boards due to their built-in slats. Put one in an entranceway to hold outbound mail or tips. You can even hang hooks from the slats for tricks and also other little products.

Painting Can Lid Memo Board

Before appropriately getting rid of all those old paint canisters, eliminate the lids. Organized up and down, flat, or in a grid, they make a clever magnetic memo board with a shabby-chic charm.


Pallet Memo Board

Pallets are ever so helpful. With a little help from House with Cupcakes and also Crinoline, you can utilize them to develop this rustic memo board that has a very distinctive planning to it! It will certainly be a magnificent addition to a nation styled house and serve you as a vital tool in day-to-day arranging!

French Memo Board

This is a beautiful as well as traditional memo board that will attract the part of you that suches as stylish French d├ęcor. You’ll always remember an appointment or lose a business card once more, in addition to your wall will certainly obtain a beautiful make over! Popsugar has the information!


Plywood Memo Board

An extremely simple memo board that is a godsend for people who get on the go a whole lot and also have to quickly list crucial points as they are hurrying out of the house every early morning. Simply maintain a pen beside this memo board and also you’re complimentary to doodle art on it whenever you pass it, regardless of the rush! Discover even more at The Merry Idea.

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